Setting Up Mailboxes

Types of email supported (POP3, web mail too - Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc)

If you allow your practitioners to create their own mailboxes then the size of your database can grow to be very large very quickly. This can effect things like your backup size and also the time taken to back up.

It is recommended you only use email accounts needed to run your practice.

As an indication (at the time of writing) Gmail allows up to 15GB of storage which is enormous. If you multiply that by the number of practitioners then you can see how your disks can fill up very quickly.

Creating normal mailbox
testing inbox connectivity
testing sent mail (send a mail and see if it is received)

When you make a mailbox your 'Default' mailbox it will be automatically selected in the Mailbox list in email screens.

Shared mailboxes (shared view of inbox, outbox, sent, deleted mails etc)

Full Sync - re-download emails from the remote server