Healthpoint - Health Fund Payments

To use the Healthoint health fund claims feature you need to have the Tyro payment terminal enabled and as such is only available to users in Australia.

Your billable items will also need to have Health Fund Item Numbers associated which you can read about here:
Health Fund Items

And your provider numbers which you can read about here:
Provider Numbers


Accepting Healthpoint Health Fund Payments

When you accept Healthpoint health fund payments from the patient's health fund by letting them swipe their health fund card in the Tyro payment terminal. Their rebate will automatically flow back in to Practice Master and any remainder can then be paid by the patient as a split payment.

Step 1
When you have an invoice with Health Fund claimable items added (items that all have a valid 'Health Fund Item Number') you can pay the invoice using the 'Healthpoint' button.

Using Healthpoint to pay for an invoice using the patient's health fund card

Step 2
After your patient follows the steps presented on the Tyro payment terminal a message will appear in Practice Master to indicate whether it was a success or a declined/failed transaction. If successful a payment item will be added under the 'Payments' tab indicating the health fund details.

Healthpoint health fund payments are saved on the Payments tab

Step 3
If required, the Healthpoint health fund payment can be cancelled if the cancel button on the 'Payments' tab is clicked within 24 hours.

Step 4
In the example shown the Healthpoint health fund payment has not fully covered the cost of the invoice. In this scenario the patient will need to pay the 'Gap' which can be done as a split payment. This can either be done as another card payment (shown) or as a Manual payment.

A split payment by card to complete a Healthpoint health fund paid invoice

Step 5
The split card payment will appear on the 'Payments' tab along side the Healthpoint health fund payment.

Split payments on a fully paid Healthpoint part paid invoice