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About Us

Practice Master was formed in 2011 in Australia. We are a family run company with a passionate team dedicated to providing world class software to healthcare practitioners.


Ben Smart started Practice Master in much the same way your business probably started. Working early mornings and late nights around a day job to pay the bills. Having been through the process first hand we know the difficulties faced and the effort it takes.


That's the main reason our business doesn't just provide practice management software, we install it, support it, train you to use it and all our help and support is free of charge. When we launched in 2011, we broke the mould for practice based software. There were no "support contracts", "training fees", "optional add-ins" or any paid extras - everything was (and still is) included in the license fee.


Our promise to you is that our customer service and support will be second to none. Right from the start of the trial you can expect personal speedy service and remotely connected support. One thing you don't need when you buy new software, or start a new business, are any issues, stress or delay.

Why We Created Practice Master Pro

In short, nothing was good enough. Nothing had everything we needed and everything forced too big a compromise.


Working with existing software we quickly realised there were really only two choices:


  1. Big comprehensive solutions with gigantic help manuals that need a degree in IT to use
  2. Being forced to store ALL your practice data in the cloud and being forced to do all your work in a very basic website


We wanted to take advantage of the cloud without comprimising the significant benefits of having local data (which you have full ownership of) and the full functionality desktop applications provide.


Keeping Practice Master simple and easy to use was the easy part. We just had to watch how practitioners and reception staff work. "Let them focus on their job" is a core mantra we use to make sure each role in the practice can use the software effectively.


We also have a feedback driven approach to our development schedule to make sure we are constantly evolving and meeting the needs of our practices at all times, now and in the future.