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System Requirements

Please note: you do not need expensive hardware. The Practice Master Pro server is very efficient and can run on any desktop, laptop or Windows tablet computer with the following requirements.


Operating System Windows 11 (all versions)
Windows 10 (all versions)
Windows 8 (must support 'Desktop Mode')
Windows 7 (all versions)
Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
Mac - via Bootcamp, Parallels or Virtual Box (running a Windows version above)
Available Hard Disk For practice and patient data we recommend around 100GB-300GB depending on your practice size
Minimum Ram 4GB for single user (8GB for multi-user client/server installation)
Minimum Resolution 1024 x 768
Required Software PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader etc)
Microsoft Word 2007 or greater is not essential but required to enable document generation features.


Mac Users

The desktop part of Practice Master Pro is Windows based so will not run directly on a Mac, however, you can run Windows on your Mac using something like Parallels (which incurrs its own cost) or Virtual Box which is free.


We have practices happily using Practice Master Pro on Mac software and in some cases we have practices with mixed Windows and Macs all working together.


Setting up the software on a Mac is a more involved process but we are happy to assist you all the way through. We can connect remotely to perform most of the work for you.


Because the setup is more involved it is recommended you use an old Windows laptop, or borrow one, for the free trial/evaluation. Once you are satisfied the software will work well for you in your practice we can start preparing your Mac computers for the final installation. All your trial data can easily be moved across if you want to keep it when your practice system goes live.

Help & Support

At Practice Master all our help and support is completely free of charge. Our support doesn't just include training and troubleshooting but it also covers any technical questions you may have regarding your system infrastructure.


When the topic of 'system requirements' comes up many practice owners are put off with all the technical jargon that usually follows. Rest assured we are able to help you make the right choices when it comes to computer hardware as we have helped many practices through the same steps when it has been time for them to install or upgrade.


The level of help that is available ranges from email or phone calls all the way up to full remote connected support agents troubleshooting your issues. So when you do find yourself saying the words 'we need to upgrade - what are the system requirements?' We can help you from purchase to install, and even do many of the steps for you remotely.