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Streamlined workflows

Workflow is the name of the game. One of the main advantages of a desktop application over a website are the workflow enhancements. For example, the ability to work in several parts of the application at the same time by leaving multiple windows open, making use of right-click shortcuts and by leveraging your existing Office software.


One of the biggest complaints we get regarding the online only software providers is that it is always "one task at a time". If you are trying to finish off some notes but need to pay an urgent invoice you need to come out of your notes and in to the accounting area and then go back. With practice master you can leave your notes open to pay your invoice and even leave notes open while you treat and take notes for your next patient!

Integrated Email

Automatic email matching means patients are matched to their emails as they arrive in your inbox. Workflows here are streamlined by letting you right-click emails and open patient notes, book visits or view accounts right from the inbox or message itself.


Correspondence view and the built in reading pane mean you can easily skim through a full history of sent and received emails for your patient, even if they have more than one email address in use.


You can create your own fully templated emails with subject, body, attachments and merge fields so they fill with your patient's data automatically. You can send emails from almost anywhere in the system with a simple right click.


You can read more about the integrated email system here.



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Email is fully integrated throughout Practice Master Pro improving your communication workflows

Right-Click Shortcuts

Practice Master is full of right-click shortcuts giving you access to important features cross referenced behind the scenes. For example, you can right-click a patient's booking on the calendar and view their accounts, or even open their full email correspondence. You can right-click a patient invoice in the accounts area and open the corresponding visit's notes, or view the patient's referral history.


You can also customise the top 5 items in most right-click menu's to put your most frequent actions at your fingertips.