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Flexible Security

Security in Practice Master Pro really does put you in control. We don't enforce "roles" in the system as we've always found that roles force you to give people too much power or too little. We have "permissions" which can be individually turned on and off for any of your staff members. You can take one of our suggested permission sets as a starting point (front desk, practitioner, practitioner with admin etc) and customise from there.


As everything is included in Practice Master (we don't believe in charging extra for add-ons) you can also hide areas of the application from users that don't need them, or just hide areas that you don't intend to use.



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Assign Patients to Practitioners

Practitioners at your practice can be given full access to your patient database, or, you can specify that they are only able to view patients they have been assigned.


When a practitioner has a patient assigned they can open the patient record and use the patient throughout the app. They can also see the bookings assigned to the practitioner in the patient's history - but not bookings, notes or invoices belonging to other practitioners


This has enourmous privacy benefits for your practice as you can limit practitioner access to their own subset of the database.

It also covers the scenario where you have different modalities working together where some practitioners should not have access to the full patient notes history, rather they should only have access to notes, bookings or invoices they have created themselves. For example, if a team of osteopaths takes on a temporary massage therapist.


You can read more about the patient management features in the software.

Practitioner Self Service

You can allow your practitioners to make changes to their own work hours and set the own holiday times. They can also override service specific details like duration and price etc so they can essentially manage their own practice under your supervision.


Again, these features are entirely optional as you also have the ability to remove these options from them and have full control over practitioner hours, holidays and service specific settings.

Optional Online Access

We recognise that storing your patient's data in the cloud isn't for everyone. Our online & cloud features are entirely optional and you can use Practice Master Pro in a fully offline environment in your practice.


If you do choose to use our online features then you can easily control which members of your practice have access to data online. You can also control who can use the Notes Online website and who can connect their desktop software to the cloud database.


We use bank level encryption for all identifying information in Practice Master Pro. This data is encrypted in your local database, in the cloud database (if you have 'Online Features' enabled which are optional) and also in all backups. All files you attach to your patients or generate using Practice Master Pro are also encrypted. All information transmitted to and from our cloud server and to your device is done so over an encrypted connection.


Encryption, privacy and security has been at the core of Practice Master Pro since it was first built.