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Practice & Cloud Based Software

The cloud is amazing and gives you 24/7 access to your data which is why Practice Master Pro gives your practice all the cloud based features you would expect including 24/7 web-browser access and iPad and smartphone access too.


But we also firmly believe that working with desktop software against a local database gives undeniably better performance and reliability for your practitioners and reception staff.


Practice Master Pro's split model between practice and cloud gives you both cloud based convenience and practice based performance and reliability.


When you install Practice Master at your practice you install your local database. You can access this while on-site via our Windows desktop software and it is in no way reliant on any internet connection - you can access all your patient data and notes while completely offline. If you enable our Online Features then your data is automatically synchronised to the cloud where you can access it 24/7 using an iPad, smartphone or any browser enabled device, and also by connecting your Windows desktop software directly to the cloud. Your data is always kept up to date between the practice and cloud automatically.



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Up-To-The-Second Backup

Because of Practice Master's split practice/cloud software model you can benefit from an up-to-the-second cloud backup of all your data and files.


Most systems, whether cloud based or practice based, take backups on a schedule - either daily, nightly or weekly. Practice Master's cloud sync sends your data to the cloud on a save-by-save basis so you always have an up to the second backup in the cloud. Each action, whether creating a patient, attaching a file, saving your notes, or saving a single field is saved to the cloud as it happens in real time.


If your local system should suffer a catastrophic failure and you have no backups handy to restore from we can restore your entire database and all your files from the cloud.


Optional Online Access

We recognise that storing your patient's data in the cloud isn't for everyone. Our online patient management features are entirely optional and you can use Practice Master Pro in a fully offline environment in your practice.


If you do choose to use our online features then you can do so at no extra cost - everything is included in your license fee.