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Telehealth in Practice Master is not an "add-in", it has been built by us directly in to our software. There are no 3rd party accounts from other software vendors to create, pay for or maintain.


Our telehealth features are included at no extra cost. There is no software for your patients to install and they can join your telehealth meetings simply using a web browser on their PC, Mac, iPad or smartphone.



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Multi-task while using your telehealth video calling software


Because we built our video meeting features ourselves you benefit from an encrypted peer-to-peer connection between you and your patients. The connection and all video and audio goes directly between your patient's internet browser and your Practice Master app. It is fully encrypted and sets a gold standard in security and privacy for your patients.


Meeting ID's cannot be guessed or predicted and all participants are approved by the meeting host before they are allowed to join the meeting and share their video and audio.

Multi-Task During Your Video Call

When you are engaged in a video consult with your patients you will of course need to take notes or maybe even take payment for the treatment during your call. As Practice Master is a full desktop app you can easily multi-task and take advantage of the intgrations it provides.


The video calling window gives you quick access to:


  • View the full patient record including account history and email sent/received correspondence
  • Create/open notes and take notes during video call
  • Quick invoice creation and instant payment via 'Pay Online'
  • Emailing and full email templates
  • Document generation and easy email support

Multi-task while using your telehealth video calling software


If you provide group sessions or just need to host remote staff meetings, you can do so with our telehealth feature for up to 6 participants. Meeting hosts have full control over who is admitted to the meeting and can remove participants at any time.


Our multi-participant telehealth also integrates perfectly with our Group Booking features. Confirmations and reminders are automatically sent containing the video meeting url so participants can join when ready. You also have access to all the group booking shortcuts during your meeting such as creating notes, invoicing and taking payments from your participants.

Video call with up to 6 participants with your telehealth video calling software