Managing The Entire Practice

This page is directed at practices with multiple users who require different levels of access to the system. For example, practitioners, administrators, reception staff etc.


My Items / Shared Items

Throughout Practice Master Pro there is a recurring concept of 'My Items' and 'Shared Items'. This applies to:

To control almost all items in the practice you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove the 'My Items' permissions from the users
  2. Remove the 'Shared Items' permissions from the users
  3. Add in the 'Shared Items' yourself as an administrator.
Now all the users of the system can only use the 'Shared Items' that you (as an administrator) have created in the system.


Security Permissions

You can remove the permission to view certain areas of the application for certain users. For example, you can remove the permission to be able to view the entire 'Accounting' tab from the application.

Using this method you can 'trim' down the application to suit only the required needs of each user - only granting them access to parts of the application they actually require to perform their job.

You can mix and match the permissions for each user. There are no fixed 'roles' in Practice Master Pro - you can customise as much as you need.


Online Presence

You can create a practitioners online presence for them, and then remove the permission for them to be able to edit it themselves. This way you can control what information about your practice and practitioners is visible online by the public.

You can of course entirely control what (if anything) is presented online about your practice.