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Practice Master Pro's practice management software can help you run your naturopathic practice. Everything you need from patient notes, patient handouts, accounting and more.


As this page shows a selection of the software features that can be tailored specifically for a Naturopathic clinic it is recommended that you also browse the rest of the site. In particular the 'Features' area and the 'Videos' area. There are many other features such as SMS reminders, online booking, cloud access, credit card payments etc that are covered in more detail on the other pages.



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Practice Master Pro - Naturopathic clinic software

Customisable Patient Forms

The Practice Master Pro software system lets you create your own custom naturopathic patient forms to fit in perfectly with your naturopathic practice. Create forms to capture patient data on Lifestyle, Health, Diet, Iridology etc. You can create your own pre-defined answers too so you can double click to add them which means less typing during your consultations.


The software comes with a naturopath template already set up and ready to use. You can use it as-is or customise it as you require to ensure it fits perfectly in to your naturopathic clinic.


Our patient notes features are described in more detail on the patient notes software page.

Naturopathic patient notes template open in the software

Custom Charts & Formulas

Practice Master lets you embed your own custom charts in to your patient notes templates. Track any data you like across multiple treatments and see visually how progress is tracking for your patients.


If you like to process your data items then you can make use of custom formulas. You can include them right in your patient notes templates as usual and use the results to draw conclusions for your patients.


All charts and formulas can be created as templates inside your patient notes so they can easily be added to any patients in your system.

Professional Diagrams

Add multiple high-quality informative diagrams to your patient notes with our streamlined diagram editor. Easily annotate the diagrams to give a quick overview of the complaint during review. You can annotate any of the built-in backgrounds or add your own to suit your naturopathic practice.


Diagrams can be a great way to break down the barrier that the computer can become between practitioner and patient. The practitioner can involve the patient in the process of annotating and drawing on the diagram.

Iridology diagram open in the patient notes naturopath template

Patient Handouts

Create your own handout items and easily add them to patient handouts during your consultation and print for your patient to take home, or a single click will email it directly to their email address. You can categorise your handout items in to groups such as Herbs, Supplements, Diet Advice, Detox Methods, Lifestyle, Relaxation Methods etc. to make them easy to find.


Rather than creating highly customised handouts during the treatment, you might like to take advantage of the software's document template features. You can import Microsoft Word documents, PDF's etc which you most likely already have at your naturopath clinic and set them up as templates in the system. You can add them easily to your patient records and print/email them to your patient with a single click. These kinds of handouts are great for fairly static content and can produce professional quality handouts.


You can read more about our document generation and templating features on the medical document generation page.


If you dispense any medications, herbs or mixtures from your naturopathic practice then you can benefit from using the dedicated prescriptions tab in the software. It is available in the patient record as well as in the patient notes.


Prescriptions integrate with accounts so you can invoice for the prescription specifically or you can include the items automatically on your patient's visit invoice. Prescriptions also tie in to the inventory so stock will be deducted automatically and you can benefit from stock level and expiration date alerts.


If you prepare your own composites/mixtures/packs they can also be added to prescriptions and a 'Dispensary View' can list the component parts to help with their preparation.

The prescriptions tab open for a naturopathic clinic that dispenses herbs

Sell Items By Weight And Volume

If you sell herbal medicines from your naturopathic clinic you can set them up to sell by weight or volume as well as by item quantity. You can enter the total weight/volume sold and it will appear on the invoice as well as the price.


You can read more about our accounting and inventory features on the accounts & billing page.

Naturopathic herbs being sold by weight and volume