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The Practice Master Pro software system can be customised to fit perfectly in to your hypnotherapy practice. Easily keep track of all your patient sessions and scripts in one powerful easy to use software solution. Perfect for sole practitioner use or multi-practitioner clinics. Practice Master even lets you take your hypnotherapy notes as part of a multi-modal wholistic clinic.


As this page shows a selection of the software features that can be tailored specifically for a Hypnotherapy clinic it is recommended that you also browse the rest of the site. In particular the 'Features' area and the 'Videos' area. There are many other features such as SMS reminders, online booking, cloud access, credit card payments etc that are covered in more detail on the other pages.



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Practice Master Pro - Hypnotherapy clinic software

Customisable Patient Notes

You can create your own patient notes templates to use with your patients in your hypnotherapy software. You can create basic templates and then create some more specialised ones with specific sets of questions and pointers. For example, you could create templates for:


  • Stopping Smoking
  • Staying Sober
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Pain Control etc


You can of course create your standard Initial Consultation and Follow Up patient notes templates. You can read more about our patient notes software here.

The hypnotherapy patient notes open in the software

Patient Handouts

You can use the Patient Handouts area to create high quality custom handouts for your patients to take away. You can include pointers for them to work on before their next visit.


The Patient Handouts area is different to the 'Document Templates' area as handouts lets you create custom sheets on-the-fly for your patient during their visit. You can take advantage of the built-in email features to easily email them straight to your patients.

Document Templates

You can take advantage of the Document Templates area in your hypnotherapy software to create high quality scripts for use with your patients. You most likely already have folders with scripts on your computer right now which you can easily import in to Practice Master Pro. Once imported you can use them again and again adding them to your patient's record.


You can read more about the document and templating features here.

Patient Assignment Security

Patient privacy is an extremely important feature of the software, especially in a hypnotherapy clinic where patients are sometimes discussing deeply personal topics. Aside from the user access security features which are described on the Flexible Security page, you can also improve your patient privacy by using 'Patient Assignment Security'.


Patient Assignment Security will limit practitioners to only being able to see patients, appointments, patient notes and invoices etc that they have been assigned or have created themselves. This greatly improves patient privacy by effectively 'firewalling' patients and their private data from other practitioners at the practice.