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Practice Master Pro's patient notes can be customised to work perfectly in any dietitian practice. There are lots of easy to use features to help you track your patient's key stats over time and also give them high quality information and info-sheets to take away with them.


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As this page shows a selection of the software features that can be tailored specifically for a Dietitian clinic it is recommended that you also browse the rest of the site. In particular the 'Features' area and the 'Videos' area. There are many other features such as SMS reminders, online booking, cloud access, credit card payments etc that are covered in more detail on the other pages.



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Practice Master Pro - Dietitian clinic software

Customisable Patient Forms

The patient notes area in the dietitian clinic software is based around your own custom templates. This gives you a great deal of flexibility to create notes that are most effective for you. You can create templates for:


  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Child Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • As well as templates for your usual Initial Consultation and Follow Up visits


There are also lots of ways you can extend the features offered by embedding spreadsheets and other file types or taking advantage of diagrams. You can read more about the patient notes features on the Patient Notes page.

The dietitian patient notes template open in the software

Embed Files/Spreadsheets Directly In Your Patient Notes

The patient notes forms in Practice Master Pro let you embed files directly in to the tabbed pages of your dietitian software. This means you can extend the features offered by Practice Master enormously and you no longer need to manage files for patients in folders outside of your patient notes.


You can embed spreadsheets in to your notes to help you track changes in your patient's data, for example the anthropometry of your patient. The spreadsheets can be set to track data over time and even show the results as a chart for quick interpretation. You can even take advantage of complex calculations to help you understand and draw conclusions from your patient's data.


You can embed Microsoft Word documents, which you may already have at your dietitian practice and use currently. They do not need to be changed, just import them in to the patient notes templates and off you go. This means you do not need to fit in with any software's pre-determined ideas about how you should take your notes, or follow rules about the layout or question types you are allowed to use.


You can read about the other file types and their uses on the Patient Notes page.

Embedded custom charts in the dietitian patient notes template

Patient Handouts

You can use the built in 'Patient Handout' area in the patient notes to create highly customised, professional quality handouts for your patients. The handouts in the patient notes are different to the 'Documents & Templates' area (which allows pre-formatted info-sheets). The handouts area lets you build your handouts on-the-fly for your patient during their visit and print or email the document straight to the patient.


These handouts are perfect for compiling custom dietary requirements, or specific recipe ideas for your patient to take away and use before their next visit.

Documents & Templates

Practice Master Pro has a professional quality document generation engine built right in. This means you can add in Microsoft Word templates which you are most likely already using in your dietitian practice right now. You can add them in as 'templates' and then just add them to your patients with a single click. Your patient's key data items can be merged in to give your generated templates that personal touch.


You could include templates for things like recipe ideas, information on food groups, shopping guides and kitchen setup to help them get the most of their food intake.


Practice Master has excellent email integration so once your templates are added in to your patient's record you can send them off with a single click. You can event take advantage of fully templated emails to provide a bit of extra info to your patients on the way.


You can read more about the document and templating features here.

Professional medical document generated using the dietitian software