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Practice Master Pro has many features tailored towards a busy acupuncture clinic. You can use your calendar and online booking to fully support multiple simultaneous bookings if you like to work on several patients at the same time. And the easy to use diagram features let you quickly mark needle points on your patient's while taking their notes.


As this page shows a selection of the software features that can be tailored specifically for an Acupuncture clinic it is recommended that you also browse the rest of the site. In particular the 'Features' area and the 'Videos' area. There are many other features such as SMS reminders, online booking, cloud access, credit card payments etc that are covered in more detail on the other pages.



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Practice Master Pro - Acupuncture software

Customisable Patient Notes

Create your own fully custom patient notes forms with our patient notes software. Record everything from patient complaints to treatments including acupoints and meridians. You can use pre-defined answers to add durations and needle manipulations all with a double click. You can also take advantage of full diagram support and add your own acupuncture charts so you can quickly mark your patients needle points.


The Practice Master Pro software system comes with several acupuncture templates built in. Covering techniques including Chinese and Japanese acupuncture as well as Chakras you can edit them to fit your own style of acupuncture. You can of course create your own template(s) quickly from scratch.

Using acupuncture diagrams in the patient notes area of the software
The acupuncture template open in the software

Multiple Simultaneous Bookings

Some acupuncturists like to treat multiple patients at the same time. You might start a new patient treatment while half way through another and treat both simultaneously. The acupuncture software lets you do this easily using the Rooms & Location support and offsetting your appointment start times. You can offer multiple simultaneous appointments easily using the online booking features too.


You can read more about the practice management features here.

The calendar open in the software showing multiple simultaneous acupuncture appointments

Rooms  &  Locations

Your bookings can be based around practitioner availability and also by room availability. Some practices have more practitioners than rooms so the room becomes the main focus of bookings. You can view availability by practitioner as well as by room on the calendar to help with your booking process. If you treat multiple patients at the same time you can assign different rooms to their bookings.

Patient Handouts

You can create your own customised handout items and add them to handouts during your patient's visit. For example, if you dispense herbs from your acupuncture practice you can give advice on how to prepare and take them on your handout. You could also use handouts to give patient's advice on the use of Moxibustion.


You can read more about the medical document generation features here.

Gift Certificates & Packages

If your acupuncture practice lets your patients purchase gift certificates or pre-paid packages then you can take advantage of the full support in Practice Master Pro. You can generate professional print quality certificates for your patients and print them or email straight to the recipients.


We have full support for managing gift certificates and packages across multiple modalities in your acupuncture practice and even if your practice is made up of independent businesses working in a co-operative wholistic setting.


You can issue pre-paid packages through Practice Master too and easily keep track of how many treatments have been used so far in their package.

Sell Items By Weight And Volume

If you sell herbal medicines from your acupuncture clinic you can set them up to sell by weight or volume as well as by item quantity. You can enter the total weight/volume sold and it will appear on the invoice as well as the price.


You can read more about the accounting & invoicing features here.

Sell items from your acupuncture practice by weight and volume as well as quantity