Accounts And Billing

Practice Master Pro keeps all your practice invoices together, colour coded and easily searchable so you can find any particular invoice quickly, or all the un-paid or part-paid invoices.

You can even see which patient visits have not been invoiced and which patients have money owing on their accounts from the calendar and the patient history screens.

Invoices are colour coded in Practice Master Pro

Design Invoices In Word

Create invoice templates with Microsoft Word using features you are already familiar with. Practice Master Pro automatically binds your templates to your data to create professional, quality invoices. Use the built in templates or customise as needed.

Design professional quality invoices in Word

Pricing And Tax Options

You can create billable items in Practice Master Pro with cost price as well as sale price to help you keep track of margins and profit. You can override any of the prices when creating your invoices, and with flexible tax options you can create tax free items as well as items with custom tax rates.

Sell By Weight And Volume

If you sell herbal medicines from your clinic you can set them up to sell by weight or volume as well as by item and quantity. You can enter the total weight/volume sold and it will appear on the invoice along with the price.

Sell items by weight and volume as well as other options

Inventory Management

Your inventory can be entered in to Practice Master Pro and stock levels can be automatically maintained. Stock level control ties in to normal billable items that you may sell as well as items added to prescriptions.

There are several alerts you can set to actively inform you of low stock to ensure you don't have any 'gaps' in supply and your dispensary runs smoothly. Stock can be given an expiration date and parameters set to alert you a set time before expiration to help reduce wasted stock.

You can also create composite/mixtures/pack items that are composed of other stock controlled products. These manage their stock as expected and can be given their own special pricing if needed.

Inventory with stock level alerts and expiration alerts

Custom Reporting

Use the flexible reporting engine to design your own custom reports. Choose what you want to report on, select columns, then group and sort options to tailor your reports exactly as you want them. Report on all your practice's financial information: Billable Items, Debtors, Debtors Written Off, Invoice Summaries and create your own custom reports too.

Design Reports In Word

Create your report templates in Microsoft Word and let Practice Master bind them to your reporting data. You can use one of the built in templates and customise as needed, or simply build a report template from scratch.

Calendar  &  Email Integration

The calendar contains 'Highlights' and 'Indicators' to alert you to various account related information. A calendar highlight will let you know that the patient the appointment belongs to has money owing on their account. A calendar indicator will let you know the current invoice status of the appointment itself.

With the right-click options you can easily open up the patient accounts or the visit accounts to rectify the problem and email any invoices directly to the patient.

  • Accounting menus are integrated in to the calendar

    Calendar Integration

  • Accounting menus are also integrated in to the email system

    Email Inbox/Message Integration

  • Easily email invoices to their recipients

    Email Integration

Export To Third Party Accounts

If you have a third party accounting application you want to continue to use, or that your accountant is using, then you can export your reports to a CSV file. You can use the export file as an import for other accounting applications.