Practice Management Software

Practice Master Pro medical practice management software provides a complete health care management system for your practice.

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Inventory Management

Your inventory can be entered in to Practice Master Pro and stock levels can be automatically maintained. Stock level control ties in to normal billable items that you may sell as well as items added to prescriptions.

There are several alerts you can set to actively inform you of low stock to ensure you don't have any 'gaps' in supply and your dispensary runs smoothly. Stock can be given an expiration date and parameters set to alert you a set time before expiration to help reduce wasted stock.

You can also create composite/mixtures/pack items that are composed of other stock controlled products. These manage their stock as expected and can be given their own special pricing if needed.

Inventory with stock level alerts and expiration alerts

Online Booking

By using Practice Master Pro's free hosted online booking system you can offer your patients the ability to book online even if you do not have a website for your practice. If you do have a website you can link to our booking system and your patients will be automatically returned to your site after confirming their appointment. All bookings flow back in to your Practice Master Pro server and existing patients are automatically matched while new patients can be entered with a single click.

Online booking allows your patients to book their own appointments

Online Intake Form

Create your own online patient intake form (or customise the built-in one) using your own custom lists and multiple choice questions. Your patients can fill it out online before their first visit or while they are at your practice. Their answers will flow back in to the application and be stored against their patient record and/or your patient notes screens.

Patients can fill out their intake forms online before they arrive

SMS  &  Email Reminders

Save time and money by sending out automated visit reminders to your patients and have your calendar visually update itself based on their SMS reply. A simple reminder will result in less Did Not Attend's and less wasted time for your practitioners. Easy to set up and configure to work within the requirements of your particular practice.

We only ever charge the cost price for SMS. In fact, you manage your SMS account directly with the provider. We are a transparent company and have no hidden costs whatsoever.

Easy to set up email and SMS reminders

Rooms  &  Locations

With Practice Master Pro you can use the practitioner or the room as the primary focus of booking. Some practices require the room to be the primary focus of booking because they have more practitioners than rooms or because practitioners only work a few hours a week so only book a room when they need to. Some practitioners may work at several different practices at different times during the week. For example, they might be at their main practice on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and at a different practice on Thursday and Friday. You can view availability by room/location (as well as by practitioner) on the calendar to help with your booking process.

Use rooms/locations as well as practitioners on your calendars

Multiple Calendar Views

  • View multiple calendars at once

    Multiple Calendars Side-By-Side

  • Multiple calendars can be shown all in one (and colour coded per user/room)

    Colour Coded All-In-One

  • Quickly find available appointments for multiple practitionres/appointment types/disciplines

    Quickly Find Availabilities

Other practice management features include:

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Single Click Booking And Invoicing

You can tie together several aspects of an appointment to help you and/or your receptionists create your bookings quickly. Things like 'name', 'duration', 'location' and 'invoice details' can all be tied together so your bookings can be created quicker and with less errors. You can even invoice them afterwards with a single click.

Create bookings and invoices with a single click

Custom Calendar Colours

Many people are very visual when it comes to understanding information. With Practice Master Pro you can create as many colours for the appointments on your calendar as you need to help you see exactly what is happening at a glance. You can give your colours names like 'Private Patients' or 'Child Patients' to make it easy for staff to pick the right colours.

You can also set a 'default' calendar colour for patients so they automatically appear in the correct colour when booking either via the app or online.

Create as many custom colours with descriptive names as you need

Calendar Highlights

Calendar appointments can show various 'highlights' to alert you to important information regarding the patient and/or the appointment. For example, there is a highlight to show that the patient has money owing on their account and also an indicator to let you know the invoice status for that particular appointment (no invoice, unpaid or partially paid).

Calendar highlights show you important details at a glance

Multiple Simultaneous Bookings

Some practitioners are able to treat multiple patients at the same time. You might start treating a new patient while half way through another and treat both simultaneously. You can do this easily using the Rooms & Location support and offsetting your appointment start times. Simultaneous appointments are fully supported in the application as well as through online booking.

Multiple simultaneous bookings

Multi-Disciplinary Practices

As the patient notes system uses templates (which you can customise or create yourself) you can use, for example, a Naturopath template as well as an Osteopath template in your patient notes. This means Osteopaths could work alongside Naturopaths in the same multidisciplinary practice using the same system. Of course if you only practice one discipline you can still use the patient notes templates to create forms for different types of treatment, for example, an initial consultation or a follow-up as well as a female/pregnancy template.

Suitable for multi-disciplinary practices

Contact Management  &  Referrals

Practice Master Pro's contact management system lets you search contacts by profession and suburb and keep multiple sets of details for each contact. This means you can easily refer patients to a contact and vice versa.

Easily manage all of your practice contacts

Simple, Flexible Security

As every practice is different we created a 'permission' based security system. You can remove permissions for staff members on the front desk or add permissions to trusted practitioners. There are built-in suggested permissions sets for common practice roles which you can modify as needed per user.

All identifying information and all files are fully encrypted in the database locally and online if you are using the cloud features. All data to and from the cloud is transmitted over a secure connection and all security and encryption uses industry standard methods and technologies.

Simple, flexible security